Bulldogs News · Frank Lautt Named Head Varsity Football Coach

To BGHS Football Family:


After gathering input from students, parents, and Barry Goldwater High School staff, we set out to hire a head coach who exemplifies the traits you identified. We are proud to welcome Frank Lautt as the Varsity Head Football Coach for Barry Goldwater High School. As a head coach of 22 years, Coach Lautt has taken multiple teams to the playoffs and was named Arizona Cardinals Coach of the Week in 2000, 2003, and 2015. Coach Lautt is currently coaching the Chambery Eagles in the Division II Semi-Pre league in France.

The administration would like to thank all of the student-athletes, parents, and booster members for your patience as we completed the hiring process. Barry Goldwater High School is committed to the continued improvement of its football program by surrounding our student-athletes with great adult mentors that stress integrity, academic performance, and competitiveness. Coach Lautt will announce the entire coaching staff in a few days and will return to the United States to lead our team to continued success on and off the field.

Thank you for your support of our athletic programs at Barry Goldwater High School. We look forward to seeing how our team comes together for Spring and Summer ball.